Insect Physiology (#IB427)

During my Spring 2012 IB427 (Insect Physiology) course students tweeted lectures about “famous” Insect Physiologists such as Wiggelsworth, Williams, Hinton, Scharrer, Rothschild, etc. They are archived here as storifies within this storify.

Bioinspiration (#IB411)

During the Fall of 2013 I thought Bioinspiration for the first time. For one of the modules the students described and (sometimes) sketched a bioinspired robot. Surprisingly (ha!) most robots were based on insects, but one creative student designed a digging robot inspired by plant awn’s.


Biology and Tech Innovation (#IB535)

Creativity, Innovation and Vision (#ENG333 & ENG598)

Bioinspiration MOOC

Wrote down some thoughts about MOOCs while sitting at #Scio14 hotel bar…:

Emerging Infectious Diseases (IB531)

Sustainability and Global Change (#IB532)

In January 2013 I used the Twitter-verse to get an answer to a student’s question: “How does one “do” taxonomy. I storified the background and responses.

I also serve as the coordinator for the School of Integrative Biology Online Learning Team. In that capacity I try to share content with faculty and instructors on online learning pedagogy and tools.


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